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We Create the Images that Sell your Brand.


In business, each employee is an ambassador of the brand and we know the importance. Your success is our business. How is your brand being represented? Don't rely on an outdated or unrecognizable likeness. 


Making the decision to invest in a professional headshot is an excellent one. Whether you will be using them for business or personal reasons, your headshot is an important marketing tool and often your first opportunity to make a great impression. 

D Jones Photography is here to help you make it an outstanding one. Having your portrait created can be a fun and engaging experience with the right photographer. David will make every effort to help you feel welcomed and at ease. 

“David Jones Photography was responsible for my professional headshot for work. The process was stress free, quick, and was as if I was just having a good conversation with David. He managed to bring out a smile in me that I did not know I had. He is very compassionate, skillful, and professional in what he does. The end product came out to be perfect. I've had an excellent time taking pictures with David and would definitely recommend him to everybody.”   Ferdoos Babakali


Once you schedule your session, we will send you a confirmation email with important details such as what to wear, and how to prepare. Please review this info and reach out if you have any questions. Your company may specify background color or how they want the portraits lit, and we are able to accommodate most requests if we are given the requirements ahead of time. 


On the day of your session, plan to be on-site a few minutes before your scheduled appointment. This allows some time to settle in and prepare for your shoot, so you don’t feel stressed or rushed, neither of which are conducive to portraits that portray you as relaxed, friendly, and approachable. When you arrive we will choose the best outfits from what you brought, and decide on the backdrops that will work with your brand as well as what looks good with your hair and skin tone. You’ll have time to do any necessary hair or makeup touch-ups. 


During your session, we will explore different poses and expressions to create a photo that reveals your best you. David will guide and coach you throughout your session and help you feel comfortable in front of the camera. It is not uncommon for adults to begin saying they “hate to have their photo taken” and ten minutes later they have renewed confidence and great photos, exclaiming “that was super easy!” 

”David Jones is really a magician that just uses a camera for his work.”   David Hill


After we finish the photography part of the session, we will begin to edit down your images to the best 20 for your review online often within an hour of your studio session or a little later in the day for location sessions. 

We are happy to work with you to achieve your photo goals. If you are matching existing company photos or looking for a specific dimension, submit your cropping or retouching requests and within 3-5 business days you will have the reworked images in your gallery. Together we will create photos that represent you, the confident professional who is a pleasure to work with.

“D. Jones Photography does an impeccable job. Easy to contact and arrange, prompt response and David is a creative genius and natural problem solver - making sure we capture all our photographic needs! True professionalism, and an impeccable customer service-oriented approach.”   Lindsey Duhon


It is normal to want to look your best for your session but remember these things can’t be changed overnight. Try to plan ahead. If you know you look good when you are tan, schedule your session when you look the best, maybe mid-summer or early fall.

If you like your hair shorter think about when it is best. If it is usually a week after the cut schedule accordingly for both. If you are going to try a new brand of cosmetics, do it well in advance of the shoot to be sure it is how you want to be seen from here out.

Here are a few tips:


Try to stay out of the sun for a few days before your session to avoid accidental sunburns, and use lip balm to maintain well-hydrated lips. Resist trying to get a tan or using a tanning bed before your session. Sun and tanning will dehydrate the skin.


Your hair is one of your most recognizable features. This may not be the best time to test a new style. You want to show up in pictures the same as you do for work each day. Men, a trim a few days before your session will eliminate additional sideburns and flyaways. Ladies, style it the way you would normally wear it in a professional setting, whether it’s a business meeting or meeting with a client. 


If you normally wear facial hair, be sure to trim and tame it. If you don’t normally wear facial hair, be sure to come freshly shaved. If your skin is prone to irritation, try shaving the night before.


Cosmetics are used to enhance your features, even skin tone, accentuate the eyes, and conceal any imperfections while remaining natural and matte. Follow your normal routine. A professional, like David, has the experience and ability to capture the real you in the best possible way.

You do not need to wear additional makeup for portraiture, it will be noticeable. No enhancement is needed, resist wearing blush or powders that shimmer or glitter. While these may be great for an evening setting, the reflective elements in the powders will bounce off the studio lights. 

The person that your clients and friends recognize is the person we want to photograph. This is the look you have when you are most confident and feel your best. The goal in all of this is to capture the real you.


Select and try on all clothing choices beforehand. Have a friend or spouse give you honest feedback. Be sure your choice fits normally, not too tight or too loose. If you are unsure, bring additional selections. We can make final selections when you arrive. 

Keep jackets on a hanger to keep them wrinkle-free during travel. If you have also chosen to change outfits, a fitting room and mirror will be provided at the studio.


See you soon!


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