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July 12, 2016

On a rare Spring Saturday, rare because at that time I was not covering a wedding on a Saturday afternoon, picture this... elbow deep in crawfish on a deck, under a tent in Stafford, my back is completely soaked by the torrential downpour that has ensued. My phone starts vibrating, I'm truly not thinking about answering but it's Boyd, as in formerly with Jackson & CompanyBoyd Bryan.

Without hesitation, I answered the call subsequently covering my phone case with crustacean juices.  What's that, am I working?  No, not at all... "Can you cover an event at the Corinthian for a couple of hours, our client's photographer is flooded in and cannot get out of his neighborhood?" Naturally, I said yes!

I was advised that if I could be there in an hour when the program began, it would be ideal. I dropped everything I was doing and proceeded to splash through the parking lot to my car to head back into town.

What should have been a 15-minute drive ended up taking 45 minutes due to the amount of water on 59 and the number of accidents. I raced into the studio, rinsed off, scrubbed the mudbug scent off my hands and arms, changed into my suit, grabbed my gear, and took off. I still arrived in time (just barely) and was relieved to find that they had pushed the timeline back, several of the attendees were also running late due to the storms and flooding.

I took a deep breath and got my gear ready to cover this dinner, for recipients of the Gold Medal, Distinguished Alumni Award, and Meritorious Service Award for Rice University.

This is what the hospitality industry is about, resolving issues regardless of the situation, and making our clients' events go off without a hitch. Whether it be missing linen or a rescheduled event due to severe flooding we have experienced here in Houston lately. You never know what the obstacle might be. We see it all and are here to assist and provide our clients the best possible experience without flinching.

Many clients do not realize the issues that arise and are solved behind the scenes due to wonderful professional relationships in our industry, without the guests ever being aware.

I am a proud member of the NACE Houston Chapter family, since 2002, and was a long-time board member.  As of 2017 I am also active in MPI Houston Area Chapter and can truly say that hiring a professional makes all the difference.

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